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Professional drone roof inspection services in Wicklow, Kildare, Meath and Dublin, helping identify roofing problems from top to bottom.

Our drone roof services can help you get the information you need to make an informed decision about your water damage and any associated restoration costs.

The first step in finding out the extent of the damage is to conduct a drone roof survey

This allows our team to get an aerial view of the affected area, which can help our workers spot any potential problems before they become too serious to repair. 

With water damage, it’s often best to start by finding the highest point in the affected area and working our way down to the lowest point thanks to the professional drone roof inspection. This helps us  identify any major water leaks and also gives the team a good idea of how much water is present throughout the affected area.

Our team of expert repair technicians is equipped to handle any form of water damage, from a few drops to a full-fledged flood. 

When you have a fire, an electrical issue, or any other natural disaster, you want someone who can come right away and get the job done right.

That’s what we do. Our technicians are certified to handle any level of water damage, from the most common types to the most complex.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Drone Roof Inspection
Drone Roof Inspection Services Kildare Meath Wicklow Dublin
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    We offer the best in quality to our customers - from a well-built roof with lasting longevity and protection, to an aesthetically pleasing design that will make your house stand out.

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    We are committed to providing homeowners with beautiful roofs that protect their homes from the weather. Our team will work closely together, knowing each customer’s needs and goals for his or her property in order to provide a perfect solution tailored specifically just for them.

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    Pro Craft offers 100% satisfaction guarantees on all of its roofing projects. If you are not satisfied with your job, come back for free and we'll make it right-no questions asked!

Drone Models For Inspection

What Are The Best Drones For Roof Surveys?

When looking for the best drone for roof inspections, you want to look for a drone that is durable, has a high-quality camera, and can be programmed for autonomous flight. Drones that are built with carbon fiber are stronger, more durable, and lighter than those made with plastic or aluminum.

Another important consideration when choosing for roof inspections is its camera. A drone with a high-quality camera can provide pictures that are clear and detailed.

Some drones have a removable camera, while others have a camera that is built-end on the drone. A drone with a removable camera is a better choice if you want to be able to adjust the angle and position of the camera. A drone that can be programmed for autonomous flight is a better choice for roof inspections than a drone that requires a pilot to control it.

We use Mavic Air drone for roofing inspections in Kildare, Meath, Dublin and Wicklow area.

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